5 Components to Grow Your Status

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Now, let’s get into today’s topic, which is the 5 components to effectively grow your status.

Over the past 18 months, I have seen thousands of people go from a nobody in their industry to someone who has really made a name for themselves in their market. In my 90-day program, I teach participants how to elevate their status in the market using 5 key components that I personally used to grow my business (90-Day Sales). Here are those components:

1. Having something to say

I believe that having something to say is just as important as having somebody to say it to. This is very important, especially when it comes to networking. The #1 question we all get asked is, “what do you do for a living?” This is where you have to begin the conversation with what you believe vs. what you do. Your goal is to attract vs. chase business. If you can catch someone’s attention in the very first conversation with something new, novel, and different, then you avoid the commodity trap. And remember, a commodity is something I can get anywhere (insurance agents, real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, financial service agents, banking agents, etc).

2. Proximity to Prosper

The idea here is to get around the action to get more attention. You want to not only be known, but also be seen. This is where you attend networking events to bump elbows with the movers and shakers that will help grow your business, as well as potential clients. Don’t forget, your first conversations during these types of events are still crucial, whether you are looking for new clients or referral partners. In my business, I try to have at least 10 new conversations with people who have never heard of me or my services in an effort to get our brand out in the market. I’m not random and sporadic with who I target though. My goal is to have “target markets” and “target segments” of people that I interact with. As you can see, I am very intentional with the process.

3. Leverage resources

Here is where marketing comes in (and for this post, I’m going to use social media as the example). Social media is your friend. It’s easier than ever to get your name out there through social media. I know it can sometimes be daunting and there are thousands of different formulas out there on how to approach social media, but let me make it simple. In my business, I have created a “3/1” system. This is a system where I have decided that I would do at least three marketing activities and one showcase event every single day. That may sound a bit extreme to some of you, but it works for me and I have been able to gain more exposure in the market and become what I call a “mini-celebrity.”

4. Style and Substance

Have you ever seen a delicious, juicy steak coming out of the kitchen at your favorite restaurant? The waitress sets the steak down in front of you and it’s sizzling. It smells delicious and you can’t wait to dig in. When you finally take the first bite…it tastes awful! Let’s face it, this happens all the time in business. You see someone that looks like a good fit to help you with your business, but then they turn out to be all style and no substance. This is where you need to think about how you can ensure that you have the substance to back up your marketing. The “substance” is basically your knowledge, skill, desire, confidence, likeability, authenticity, connectivity, etc. Having these types of skill-sets allow you to become a person of influence in the market and will help set you apart from others in your industry.

5. Become a Person of Influence

I don’t believe that anybody is in their industry solely for the money. You want to impact and influence as many people as possible. In your market, there may be hundreds of people that do exactly what you do. Here’s a staggering fact: motivated buyers use the first person they talk to 67% of the time. This means that you have to fight to earn the business. You have to fight to get more attention and be that first person that a potential client calls.

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