Ep. 2: 5-Habits of Successful Solopreneurs

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5-Habits of Successful Solopreneurs

If you haven’t done so, please be sure to check out the PILOT of the Solopreneur Movement. This gives detail into why we started this community and why it’s so relevant to you, the solopreneur.

What is the WHOLE Salesperson?

We believe there are five key areas of any solopreneurs business that, if mastered, will guarantee success. Yes, we understand this is a strong claim but having coached thousands of people these have been universally proven to be true.

5-Habits of Successful Solopreneurs

Habit #1: Opportunity Statement

Having something to say in the first conversation is just as important as having somebody to say it to. Mastering the opportunity statement will set up your marketing for the rest of your career.

6-Parts of a World Class Opportunity

Part 1: What do you believe? Your Tag-Line

Part 2: Why do you believe it? Unique Past

Part 3: What you actually do? How you help

Part 4: How you do it different? Competitive Advantage

Part 5: Who you’ve done it for? Social Proof

Part 6: Can I help you? The Ask

Habit #2: Proactive Prospecting System

Sales is a game of probability and over 90% of people don’t have a consistent, disciplined selling system. They aren’t proactive with their prospecting and aren’t help accountable to the daily sales activities. We believe everybody competes harder with a daily scoreboard and clear benchmarks.

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Habit #3: Follow-Up System

The fortune is always in the follow-up. Most people only follow-up a few weak times. We’ve created 10-touch “with value” system for new leads and your Fight Club follow-up.

Habit #4: Unique Customer Experience

Almost everyone says their customer experience is “unique” but for most it’s just lip service. We’ve worked hard to help you unpack your company free prize, your individual competitive advantage, and an onboarding process that quickly REWARDS your business.

  1. Reviews
  2. Referrals
  3. Repeat Business

Habit #5: Influencer Marketing

To attract other people, we must become more attractive. We believe status sells and the reason you should aspire to become a person of interest is to become a person of influence who helps more people through your services. Motivated buyers use the first person they talk to 67% of the time. This is marketing 101 to get more attention.

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