Ep. 8: Are You a Person of Interest or Influence?

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Are you a Person of Interest or Influence?


Many of my solopreneur friends are losing out on deals to those far less talented and knowledgeable. As a result, they are paying thousands of dollars each month on digital marketers who promise to deliver 5x the return on their investment. But instead, many feel like they are “selling out” and becoming cheesy salespeople who have lost their unique voice.


That’s because most digital marketers want to automate each individual into the same funnels, email sequences, and ads as the rest of their clients. I’ve been guilty of this “get-rich-quick” marketing ploy myself.


Here’s what I’ve realized from personal experience and the dozens of conversations with other solopreneurs.


There’s a big different between being a person of interest and a person of influence.


Let me explain…


A person of interest is someone who is focused on the short-term. They have a what’s in it mindset and the reason they want to get more attention is to feed their ego.


A person of influence is someone who is focused on the long-term. They understand that they need more attention for their business, but do so in order to INFLUENCE other people and not for self-deprecation.


Why is this so important?

We live in a “look at me” world now more than ever through influencer marketing. Influencers pay thousands of dollars on video or photoshoots with other influencers, in front of expensive cars, planes, or houses that aren’t theirs. While this marketing strategy makes people more “interesting” it also makes them fake.


Your personality (image) gets your foot in the door but your character (reputation) is what keeps us there.


Don’t sacrifice your brand reputation or your unique voice to become a person of interest.


What is a Person of Influence?

There are two types of influencer marketing that we recommend you focus on to become a must-have, go-to EXPERT in your space and to create a business that’s built to last.


  • Community Influencer who is visible in the community. Attend and host events that matter to you and show up to events that matter to your advocates and connectors. You support them and they support you because of authenticity not for business exposure.
  • Industry Influencer who is an authority figure and leader in their field because of elite knowledge, skill, desire, and confidence. They work extremely hard to be an expert in their industry. Because of that, others take notice and call of them for specific information to their related field.


Now more than ever, we must protect the integrity of our industries for scammers and posers. You work really hard to INFLUENCE people through your services. This article and video is meant to give you permission to humble brag on yourself. To get more attention as a person of influence so that you can positively impact more people for the right reasons.


Self-promotion isn’t evil in today’s world but necessary. But do it with the mindset of a go-giver who doesn’t necessarily “want” the attention but needs it to better serve more people.