Are You Asking for Enough Business?

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We often get what we want in life by doing one simple thing—ASKING for it. Asking for more responsibility. Asking for more expansion. Asking for something bigger in life.

In sales, we should always be asking for more business. We ask our training participants to make these four asks every single day to consistently double production.

  1. Ask for referrals or connector meetings from our Top-25 Advocates
  2. Ask for referrals or connector meetings from our new and current clients
  3. Ask for meetings with those on our help list (new leads)
  4. Ask for the “close” from those in our fight club (follow-up process)

Those who buy into this formula are consistently growing their business during and immediately following graduation from the program. Many sales managers focus too much on quantity of activities vs. the quality of activities. Salespeople should be intentional in their daily activities by asking “what is the highest use of your time right now to generate a new customer?” We call this the high value activity (HVA) mindset. Unfortunately, most salespeople are very reactionary to their daily activities.


4-Daily High Value Activities

Activity #1: Advocate Conversations

We believe in cultivating a Top-25 advocacy with those who have our backs, and, in turn, we have their backs. Advocates fight battles for us we don’t even know they’re fighting.  The first step is to educate your top advocates on the exact “filter” of people you want to do business with by clearly defining your ideal client. If you don’t know what your filter is then how will your advocates? Many coaching programs say you should have 40-50 advocates, but we believe you can’t be involved with that many people on a deep, meaningful personal level. We have different definitions for advocates than promoters.

Weekly Benchmark: Five meaningful conversations with advocates where you ask for referrals. If you deposit more into your advocate relationships than you withdraw then you shouldn’t be afraid to make this ask.


Activity #2: New and Current Clients

We teach a 90-day on-boarding process that turns new clients into promoters into advocates who feed us three referrals during those 90-days. People should be most on-fire for you and your services in the first couple weeks assuming you delivered on your promise to them. This is the time to leverage their networks and to educate them on the exact people you look to do business with (just like them). If they are influencers then they should be able to refer business. 

Weekly Benchmark: Five conversations per day with past and current clients where you add value and ask for business.


Activity #3: New Leads

The number one challenge salespeople have (especially new ones) is how to prospect and generate new, qualified leads. We teach a 90-Day Sales CRM with over a dozen strategies to attack every week with actual names of new leads. We call this category our help list because we suspect we can help them with our services. We never qualify a new lead until we share our explanation of services with them to see if they fit our filter of someone we want to do business with.

Weekly Benchmark: Start every week with 10 new self-generated leads and ask them for a face-to-face meeting. We believe in the 10X mindset when it comes to growing business and that starts with weekly sales targets of new people to get in front of. Too many are limited by their own belief-in-self. 10X your sales activities.


Activity #4: Follow-Up-To-Close

Once we choose who goes into our pipeline (be the buyer vs. the seller) then have a fight club mindset that it’s your obligation to close that business, because you are just as good or better than anyone else at what you do. If you know the prospect is going to buy and believe in your services then you better fight to earn that business. We teach a disciplined 10-touch follow-up process.

Weekly Benchmark: Statistics show it takes 7-15 “touches with value” to close business 80 percent of the time. Most salespeople follow-up with 2-3 weak attempts, because they don’t have a consistent follow-up system or anything of value to say. Start each week with 15 people in your fight club to ask for the close.


Make these four asks on a daily basis and you’ll drastically increase probability of sale which will increase sales production. Period.

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