STWT w/ Chad Nash (Real Estate)

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From $0-$290k GCI in Year One

How Chad Nash broke into the real estate industry and close over 30 deals and
close to $300,000 GCI in his first year. Even while being a single parent. Chad explains how he
learned to “treat his business like a business” early on through the 3-pillars of his business.

2:00 = Why Chad got into Real Estate and early success

4:30 = Treat real estate like a business

7:30 = Work-Life Balance and intentional Congruence as a single parent

Chad’s 3-Pillars of success for his business

1) 11:30 = Status Sells: How to Leverage Social Media and Build a Status

2) 14:00 = Open Houses

3) 16:30 = Sphere of Influence

18:15 = There’s not one “right” way to do it. Be the best at what you’re best at.

20:00 = Open House Strategies and How to Leverage

26:20 = Social Media Schedule, Engagement, and Philosophy

32:00 = Being a Solopreneur vs. Growing a Team and Changing Companies

38:00 = Conclusion: Chad gives love for 90-Day Sales and his success comparing all the coaching