STWT w/ Christine Beckwith (Mortgage)

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Christine Beckwith was born and raised in Meredith, NH the middle child of three girls. She would leave New Hampshire to pursue secondary education in Massachusetts in 1988, returning to the southern part of the state a dozen years later. While Christine set off pursuing a medical career, she would turn her sights on banking, catching the fever while assisting a Loan Officer in a small Massachusetts based credit union during her college years. 

In July of 2018 Christine celebrated her 30-year anniversary in the banking industry and would retire from direct employment into the now thriving coaching company she dreamed of and successfully launched in the fall of 2018. During Christine’s tenure in banking, she rose to heights breaking several industry glass ceilings and amassing notoriety and reward for her wins in the ranks of sales at all levels. She would become a leading sought-after speaker in her industry and still today travels through out the country speaking and inspiring those professionals who desire direction and motivation.

Christine is a bestselling and award-winning author. Her book, Clear Boundaries became a best seller the day of its release. A modern day take on a safety book, emotionally dedicated to two murdered friends and coworkers of Christine’s, it gives professionals direction on safety from the modern-day aspects as well as classic safety tips. Her award winning, Los Angeles Best Book Finalist, Wise Eyes, is her personal story of her climb to success plus best sales tips was written over a decade and leaves the reader inspired and motivated to tackle any dream of a better future in the way of entrepreneurship. 

Christine has collected a treasure trove of awards, front page cover stories, magazine covers and the like in her banking career as recent as 2019 when she dawned the cover to Tomorrows Mortgage Executive Magazine where she was the feature story about the likeliness of her new company being a game changer and as that story unfolds she continues to collect awards for being an one of the most powerful Elite Women Leaders in Banking, The Most Connected, The Most Powerful and as we put the finishing touches on this book, awarded the #1 Women Owned business in Banking for 2019 by the National Association of Real Estate and Banking. 

If you ask Christine where she wants to be in ten years she will tell you her dream is to capture substantial coaching and training market share in the banking industry, fulfilling a need for better support in both categories and being a leader in the women’s movement to help advance female professionals to gain more traction, more seats and more protection from the violations that she has endured during her 30 year career.  

Christine will continue to write, teach and speak for the rest of her life she proudly proclaims, as long as she can and hopes to leave her mark in society in memorable and long lasting ways for decades to come.