Don’t Be A Secret Agent

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We learned a long time ago in business that money follows two things: activity and attention.

Now, we have more resources than ever before at our disposal to get more attention, and yet the number one challenge of most small business owners is overcoming obscurity. This means not enough people uniquely know who they are or how they can help.

As you go into the week, we give you permission to have more fun in and through your business. Enjoy doing things with people you enjoy doing them with while celebrating the people you do them with. Don’t be afraid to hype others up in the process.

Nobody said business has to be boring.


Here are some quick tips for getting more attention for your business:

  1. Do more of the things you enjoy doing while building a story behind it.
    • Go to sporting events.
    • Do something active.
  2. Include people that you enjoy or want to know on a deeper level.
    • Social identity builds strong relationships and rapport.
    • Don’t keep business and personal life separate.
  3. Tell the story behind the story.
    • Share your story through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat stories in real-time.
    • Don’t keep your story a secret.


This past week I made a vow to get back to the core values that 90-Day Sales™ was founded on:

  • Have fun with business.
  • Be authentic.
  • Make a huge impact on others.


What fun activities will you commit to in your business to drive more attention through the story behind the story?

Let me know in the comments below, and let others in on the “behind-the-scenes.”

Or, even better, invite others to make the story with you.