Ep. 18: Stop Multi-Tasking

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We all want to meet the demands required of us as solopreneurs without dropping the ball. Distractions are all around us and seemingly unavoidable. However, many of our distractions are self-inflicted through time-waster activities and low-value activities.

‘‘ Effective’ multitasking on tasks that require deep thinking is impossible.” – Dr. Bruce

Studies show that when our brain is constantly switching gears to bounce back and forth between tasks, especially when those tasks are complex and require our active attention, we become less efficient and more likely to make a mistake. – Cleveland Clinic

Here are some tips to stop multitasking while building better habits.

1) Timeblock – Get the most important things and the non-negotiables on your calendar as recurring events.

2) Time Compression – Learn how to “compress” time into smaller chunks. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Instead of having large blocks of time, have shorter (15-30 minute) time blocks.

3) Dominant Focus – The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Have a dominant focus for each “theme day” of the week that you can spend an hour on.

4) Set Priorities – Understand that “fires” will come up. Clearly define what takes precedence as top priorities in real-time so that you will stop whatever you are currently doing and then do that.

My final analysis is that many of your multitasking activities are a result of a lack of discipline. You might be working on something challenging and find creative ways to stop doing that task because it does require more energy than “easier” to do things.

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