Ep. 20: Celebrating Solopreneurs on Labor Day

Bruce LundBlog, Podcast, Solopreneur Movement

I hope you’re having a fantastic Labor Day weekend. I want to take a moment to celebrate all you solopreneurs out there. A solopreneur is any small business owner who is “solely” in charge of building and maintaining their own business.

A solopreneur sees their work as the distribution channel for their talents. But passion alone isn’t enough. I want to ask you what’s your “free prize?” What do I get from you that I can’t get from anybody else in your space?

Today’s video is in place of our normal Monday accountability LIVE call.

I know most of you weren’t able to take the entire holiday weekend “off.” That, after all, is part of being a solopreneur. However, I do hope you’re doing the things you enjoy with the people who matter most.