Ep. 6: 5 Levels of People

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What is going on? My friend is Dr. Bruce here, founder director of the 90 day sales manager coaching program. And of course the solo preneur movement podcast, every single week, I’ve tried to come into your life and give you some kind of topic that will help. Be motivated or inspired or to help you become more productive within your sale is your service, your marketing, and all of this is a mindset.

And for this week’s topic, I want to talk about habits, right? I’m a habits guy. I’m known as the five habits of highly effective salespeople and the systems because how many times in a day or a week do you say I need a better system? For that, especially starting out the year. So this week I want to focus on really, there are five levels of producers that I have learned and that I’ve coached and that I am in sometimes.

Right. And sometimes you’re in one of these five levels, uh, throughout the day sometimes, uh, you’re in this, you’re stuck in one of these levels throughout the entire course of, of a month or a, a quarter, you know, whatever it might be. So there are five levels that I want to break down. Scientifically for you to go through, right?

The lowest level is level one. The highest level is level five. I’m trying to help you all get to that fifth level. And I’ve been breaking down these, this book by James clear called the atomic habits. And as I’m breaking it down, it really reminded me of these five levels that we’re all stuck in at some point.

Right. And the lowest level, the number one level, the first level, I guess I should say, it’s not the number one because we don’t want you to be in the number one. We want you to be the number one. Are what I call reactors, right? Reactors wake up every single day and they literally just react. Whatever happens to me today happens to me and they really don’t have a plan in place, you know, in our coaching program for all of our different participants, we teach a concept called a weekly mental map and vision board every single day.

We want people rolling in on Monday by eight. They’re ready to go right there ahead of 95% of other people, because they have a proactive plan in place. They’ve already visioned neared the week. They already know who they want to talk to. They already know the events are going to, they already know the marketing activities that they’re going to do, right?

So the lowest level of people just wake up and they react. Whatever happens today, happens today and they have no plan. Guys. It is incredibly difficult for you to go out there and grow a successful business. If you just wake up and react and really happen, like whatever happens you happen. Versus going out there and being proactive.

Okay. So that’s the lowest level right now, right? Our reactors. Okay. The second level that we coach on and that we really help you kind of get from reactors, uh, to the second category would be strugglers. Okay. And when I say, I don’t really want you to struggle, but that’s just the natural progression is people go, they go from reactors to strugglers, strugglers kind of blame everybody.

Yeah. For all their misfortunes. It’s always somebody else’s fault as to why they’re not being successful. And I remember a quote, um, and it’s basically, you can be the victim or the Victor, but you can’t be both. Right. You can either play the victim card and it’s always somebody else’s fault as a why I’m not being successful or why I’m not proactive or why I’m not quote unquote.

Right. Or I can go out there and I can really manifest and become the victim or the Victoria in my life. Okay. So that’s the second level of people is that it’s wake up. I’m this struggle every single day. Okay. And they don’t do anything about it. They always blame other people. The third level are the thinkers.

So the thinkers are, are basically someday people I’m thinking about starting to think about getting better, right. Someday in the future. I know I want to get better. You know, there’s all different types of things that are happening throughout the day. And I don’t have time to go that, or I don’t have the plan to do it, you know?

So a lot of times people come into my life and they’re just looking for a guide and they want to accelerate growth. They want to be more efficient. They want to have higher performance and productivity and production and all these different types of words. Right. And so that’s truly where you hired.

They’re thinking about hiring a coach like me because they know they can go play at a different. If they do buckle down, but they just need some guidance to help them go do it. Right. So there are a lot of people are in that third category, which are just someday thinkers. You know, I’m thinking about becoming successful kind of a thing, but I’m not really quite ready to commit.

And then the fourth level are people who finally commit, right. They get in the game, they get off the sideline, they get in the game and they’re excited. And then what happens, it’s almost always going to take longer than we think it’s almost. Unfortunately going to be harder than we think it’s going to be.

Right. So that’s that fourth level, our floaters who give up and they give in too easily, they get in the game for a little bit, you know, it reminds me of the Mike Tyson quote. We all have a plan until we get punched in the mouth. Right. And that’s the reality is you’re going to get punched in the mouth.

Success is extremely inconvenient. Are you willing to sacrifice short-term pleasures for long-term gain? Uh, when it comes to the, every single day, the different things that are going to happen to you throughout the day. And I’ll just say, you know, there’s a concept called eat the frog, and it really is, you know, do the things that you really don’t enjoy doing first thing in the morning.

And the reason I’ve really adopted that in my own life guys, as much as I would love to say that I’m always motivated. I’m always Spire inspired, right? I’m the happiest person in the world. I’m not, I have to work at these types of. So if you’re not, if you don’t want to do the things though, the heavy lifting required when you have energy, you know, so for me, first thing in the morning is when I’m energized, whenever I go to bed and I get that seven and a half, eight hours of sleep, you know, that 10, 10:00 AM to five 30 or 6:00 AM, man.

I’m feeling good. I want to get up right away and do one of the most difficult activities that I can do right away and knock that out because if I don’t do it when I’m energized, then I’m sure as heck not going to do it when I’m. Okay. So these are just little hacks I’m trying to help you work through to get to that fifth level.

And the fifth level are the doers and achievers. They don’t make excuses, they don’t blame other people. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to go out there and manifest and to create and to accomplish and to achieve and to finish. Right? So these are the five levels of producers. And again, you know, I truly believe that some of us are at different levels throughout the entire.

You know, we can be reactors at one point today. We maybe we’re strugglers, maybe we’re thinkers. Maybe we were floaters, but if we can help you not only become a Dewar and achiever the majority of the time, but help you self-identify as a doer and achiever, right? Just like if you’re going to start identifying yourself as somebody that wants to get in shape is you have to see yourself as an athlete.

Right. I identify as an athlete, I got to eat. You know, food is fuel for my body. Uh, I got to get the right, uh, cardio equipment. Right? I want it when you look good, you feel good when you feel good, you play good. So I really want you, when you’re working through these five levels is starting today. You have to identify as a Dewar and achiever.

You have to identify, uh, as somebody who’s willing to do whatever it takes to go out there and manifest your dreams as a business professional. So again, I really appreciate you tuning in to the solopreneur. Um, and as, as always, I want to share with you my beliefs. I believe everybody needs a coach in life.

I believe train people will always outperform untrained people. Every time I get on a podcast, I’m trying to do three things. They’re trying to have conversations with you that maybe you don’t want to have your own self. I’m trying to help you do some things that you probably don’t really want to do on your own.


But ultimately the third thing is I want to help you become something you never thought you could become. So that is what I believe a great coach can do a great coach can truly change your. I’m always chasing my potential and hopefully inspiring you to reach yours. Thank you.