Epi. 38: Essentialism: You can do anything but not everything

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A few years ago the book “Essentialism” came into my life. I love to revisit the most important (meaningful) books year after year. This past weekend I dove back into this book and here are my takeaways…

Some key lessons of essentialism:
1. The ONE thing to sell? We all start out with big intentions What’s the ONE thing you are selling? Jack of all trades; master of none.

2. Must Haves? Identify the must-haves vs. nice-to-haves in your business (and life). You can do anything, but not everything. What are the daily non-negotiables?

3. Focus on WHO vs. how. Who can help you achieve your most important goals? A coach? Hiring an assistant? Hiring a marketing or sales VA? Is it just yourself being disciplined and consistent?

4. It’s never going to be “perfect.” We are all a work in process and so are our systems. Get 1% better each day in the most important areas.

5. You encourage what you allow. Remove clutter and distractions (apps on phones). Build that habit of asking yourself… What’s the highest use of my time right now? Outside of your daily timeblock essentials, during those downtimes throughout the day how you are spending your time.

Essentialism, in the context of business, is identifying (and prioritizing) the most important and essential aspects of a business or a task and eliminating or minimizing non-essential elements. It’s about simplifying and streamlining operations, strategies, and decision-making to achieve greater effectiveness, efficiency, and success.

In essence, essentialism for business involves distilling the core purpose, values, and goals of a business, and aligning all efforts and resources towards those essential elements. It emphasizes prioritization, focus, and disciplined execution, while consciously saying “no” to non-essential activities, distractions, or opportunities that do not align with the essential aspects of the business.

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