HELP! I’m in a Slump

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Sales is a game of probability and can be a rollercoaster filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Momentum is the great exaggerator. When we have it we think we are a lot better than we are. When we don’t have it, we think we are much worse than we actually are.

In business, there’s a lot of external variables that are out of your control. Instead of the weaknesses and threats of the S.W.O.T. analysis, focus on the strengths and opportunities. You can’t control contracting markets or supply and demand. What you can control is your hustle.

3-Things to Bust a Slump:

  1. Recommit or Reset Your Goals
    • Recommit – Remember your goals and the why (purpose)
      • Go there in the mind before the body (picture it)
      • Personal Example: Travel the country and be on bigger stages impacting people nationally and eventually internationally
    • Reset – What’s working? What’s not working? Why are they important?
    • Internal Mindset
      • Spend half day per month to set/commit to goals
    • External Motivators
      • Plan a mini-vacation and set specific goals to be able to go based on measurable activities.
      • Make more money to invest back into business or in real estate
  2. Change Something Operationally
    • Your daily/weekly routine
      • Wake up 30 mins earlier (plan/workout/yoga/mental)
      • Get into the office earlier
      • Have dinner with significant other on a week day
    • Change Habits
      • X amount of calls then double it (velocity)
      • Timeblock for the essentials
    • Get back to the basics of business
    • Learn something new
  3. Change Your State (Mindset)
    • Mindset = I’m one call/meeting/conversation away from a major breakthrough
      • Intentions: a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action(s) in the future. Start with, “My intention is…”
      • Affirmations:  For an intention to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal, and specific. Start with, “I am…”
      • Gratitude: Be thankful that each day brings new challenges and opportunities for your relationships and business.