How Big is Your Think?

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We can learn anything, from anyone, at any time if we are open and humble to it.

When I attend events, especially concerts, I love studying the performer, their story, and their stage presence. This weekend, the Pepsi Center was host to two of the biggest personal brands on the planet in Bruno Mars and Adam Levine.

Here’s what I learned…

Unique Voice

Each musician has a unique voice, often discovered early in life. They then pick a lane and stay consistent to that message. You would think playing the same hit songs over the past 10+ years would get old. As a speaker, I often feel but then I have to remember that there’s someone in the audience who hasn’t heard my message, and for those who already have, they are back for a reason. It’s ok to share the same stories. The same message. Because it’s uniquely yours. It’s your VOICE. Play that same track over and over again to attract the RIGHT people into your life.

Perfect your Pitch

  • Do the heavy-lifting to discover your unique voice.
  • Believe in your message (story).

Bigger Stages:

Once you have your story you can’t be afraid to get on bigger stages. Start with 10 people. Then do multiples of 10 until you are eventually impacting tens of thousands of people with your message, products, and services.

  • Nobody said business had to be boring.
  • Be interested but also INTERESTING.
  • 10X your mindset (don’t be limited by your think).