How to Avoid the Sales Roller Coaster

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One of the biggest challenges and frustrations I see salespeople have is keeping enough qualified people in their pipeline. 

To help navigate the sales process we’ve created some funnels to help avoid the sales rollercoaster.

We believe in having 10 new “people” not just leads on our help list every week.

What’s the difference between new people and new leads? 

Think of new people as targets you’ve identified that you believe your services can benefit. This is especially important for newer salespeople who have not established a brand reputation or database strong enough to create consistent incoming demand.

So where does incoming demand come from?

  1. Repeat business
  2. Referral business
  3. Events
  4. Marketing (digital/traditional)
  5. Paid ads

I hope this educational video helps you better understand how to avoid the sales roller coaster to keep your pipeline full each week.

Click here to download our mental map and vision board we require our coaching participants to fill out before the start of every week.