Ep. 10: How to Build, Maintain and Protect Your Confidence

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How to Build, Maintain, Protect Your Confidence


I‘ve talked to A LOT of people lately who have told me they are on the verge of a burnout. Over the past decades I’ve had the pleasure of coaching THOUSANDS of people all over the world, and am just figuring out that 99% of this is mindset.


Today, we’ll talk about the ONE thing that affects everything which is your CONFIDENCE.


Confidence is just ENERGY moving in one direction or the other. It’s either moving in a POSITIVE direction or a NEGATIVE. Confidence is really just momentum… We see it ALL THE TIME in sports. When you have momentum, you think you are a lot better. When you DON’T have it, you think you are a lot worse than you are.


Let’s give you a COURSE in CONFIDENCE today and help you BUILD IT. MAINTAIN IT. PROTECT IT. Confidence


  1. Build Confidence

Whether you’ve had success and fell from the graces or you are starting something new or simply just trying to get started we’ve all had to BUILD or REBUILD confidence…

  • No matter how small learn how to LEVERAGE small victories into bigger victories…
  • Confidence is the memory of success. So we have to help you get some EARLY, EASY wins to help you BUILD it.
  • Mini, PRIVATE victories will ALWAYS precede major, PUBLIC victories.
    • Develop a plan for your success.
      • What DAILY activities will help you?
      • What obstacles will you face?
    • Begin with the end in mind…
      • Know WHY you want it.
    • It’s easy to act when we get INSPIRED but what happens when you’ll need to be the DRIVER of your motivation?


  1. Maintain…
  • So you start having success through daily routines and habits and get momentum the question is how do you MAINTAIN that momentum? The key is to not become complacent.
  • Success isn’t something you OWN is something you rent and rent is due every day.
  • Every day in our CURRENT role is an interview for our next role…


  • Put a PLAN in place (begin with the end in mind).
    • Clarity as to WHAT to do and HOW to do it.
  • Most importantly, WHY you WANT to do it.
  • Be in CONTROL of your future.
  • What daily benchmarks, routines are you consistent to?
  • Work in your VOCATION not your ”occupation”
  • Vocation = VOICE/CALLING
  • Occupation = Occupies your time


III. Protect…

Why do you have to PROTECT your confidence? It’s not a matter of “if” you face rejection or disappointment but a matter of WHEN!

  • How to handle fear, rejection, disappointment or “failure”
  • I’ve heard the expression there’s no such thing as rejection and I don’t necessarily believe that’s true. But FAILURE.. failure isn’t a BAD thing
  • We always want to attach an EMOTION to something that goes “wrong”
  • Frustration is just MISGUIDED enthusiasm… it means that you CARE
  • People will let you down. Other THINGS will let you down. Heck, even your own EMOTIONS will let you down… so that’s why we MUST protect our confidence EVERY DAY…
    • Gratitude & Affirmations
    • Intentions
    • Actual 1 vs. Actual 2 (Progress Over Perfection)
    • Measure success weekly


BONUS: Mini-Vacations

  • Inspirational things happen in inspirational places
  • Every 12 weeks take a “mini-vacation” and go somewhere that REJUVENATES you
  • It almost ALWAYS takes longer than you’ll think…