How to Create a Filter of People You Want to do Business With

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One of the biggest questions I get asked is this: “How do I fill my pipeline with more leads?”

It’s probably one of the most important questions you can ask in your business.

Without leads, you’re dead in the water (unless you have a big referral pool).

The problem is, there are literally thousands of strategies, tricks, and secrets out there that attempt to help you get leads.

You can quickly spend thousands of dollars on trying to get more leads.

Let me tell you a little secret: (this isn’t a secret pill to getting leads).

But there are systems that, if consistently executed on, will help increase the probability of selling to the RIGHT people.

And my company has built a system for that!

This is the same system I used to proactively grow my own database despite NEVER cold-calling or door-knocking in a brand-new market.

It’s based on filters.

I believe you must FIRST know WHO it is you would like to ATTRACT.

For example, the first category in our selling system is called HELP LIST for a reason. These are people we believe we can help with our services.

Here’s the problem: I think I can help anyone. If you have this mindset it can be incredibly difficult to find the RIGHT people to help.

I’ve seen real estate agents use the phrase, “If you know ANYONE looking to buy or sell a house…”

This isn’t a clear filter.

The process of filling your Help List MUST START with an opportunity filter of people YOU want to help.

We recommend doing this in a couple ways:

  1. Know your own beliefs (core values) first and stay firm with only working with those who share your beliefs and value what you bring to the relationship.
  2. Have a clear filter of the TYPE of person you WANT to do business with. These can be based on personality/character traits.

My basic filter is this:

  • Are they hungry?
  • Are they humble?
  • Are they coachable?
  • Are they enlightened?

Once this filter is established it’s up to YOU to spread your beliefs, your story, and your differential advantage to as many people as possible. And to remain disciplined to the filter. Even if that means turning away business (easier said than done I know.)

Not only does this method decrease the length of time in the sales cycle (chasing), but it also becomes a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience for the client.

And once you’ve created a transformational experience, you’ll start filling your pipeline with additional leads through referrals.

Here’s the challenge: it takes TIME to build a database with the RIGHT people.

But if you are in the business for the right reasons and for the long haul then, in my opinion, there’s no other way to build a business.