How to Earn the 3 Rewards of Business

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When it comes to asking for more responsibility or for more business, I often believe that we get what we want in life by simply asking for it. And not enough people are actually asking for the business.

There are 3 rewards that I should get from every one transformational experience in my life and in my business.

#1 is I should get some kind of review. We all know social proof and social consensus is vital in today’s business. I would actually ask for some kind of review. A video testimonial. Or sometimes I’ll even write it for them. I don’t want a fluff testimonial. I want specifics on how I helped you get to a better place in your life. That’s the first reward I get from every one transformational experience that I go out there and help people with.

#2 is I get referrals. I should get 1-3 referrals for every one transaction. That’s the mindset that I’m in for every single client that I help. “How can I replace you with somebody else by the end of this?” And I’ll actually tell people that on the front end. I want to do such a remarkable job in this process that I actually transform your thought or your energy from going to old bad habits or behaviors to new habits or behaviors. Or I helped you change your life to a better place. How can you transform to where they feel obligated to give you some kind of referral because they want to replace themselves with someone just like themselves for you and your business?

#3 is I should get repeat business. At some point in the future, I should get repeat business from that person. And that’s the highest form of flattery. That’s the highest reward because it means that they trust me, they respect me, and they like me. They’re coming back and they believe I can help them do that same exact thing: deliver on the same promise I did before.

I believe that a lot of people don’t have a true system in place when it comes to this process.

This is how I measure my net promoter score:

Did I give you so much transformational experience? Did I convert your low thoughts to high thoughts? Did I give you clarity when you were confused? Did I do such a great job that you want to do these three things for me at some point in the future: a review, a referral, and repeat business.

That’s what I’m looking to get from every one transformational experience when I help someone get to a better place in their life.