How To Package Your Story

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In this week’s message I’m going to get more personal than normal.

I learned over ten years ago from my mentors that holiday weekends are a great time to “get ahead” and self-reflect. Memorial Day weekend has always been a special holiday for my family growing up. It was one of the few holiday traditions, if only, for my dad, my sister, and I. We would spend a full day together driving around the state of Michigan planting flowers at graves. Most specifically my great grandmothers who, if it weren’t for her kindness and generosity, I never would have been able to go to college.

It’s ironic that a week before Memorial Day three years ago was when my dad passed away with cancer. That was a major catalyst for me to launch 90-Day Sales Manager.

When you study deathbed research, it says this. You will far more regret what you could have done in life, what you should have done, but what you did not actually do.

When my dad passed away, that was a kick in the ass for me. It was already in the back of my mind that I wanted to go all-in on being an entrepreneur. The timing is never going to be perfect but we only get one life. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Slow Down & Self-Reflect

My message for you today is around reflection, and really understanding why do you do what you do when there’s 10,000 other people like you in these commoditized, saturated industries. As a solopreneur, why do you wake up every single day with purpose and passion? It’s the same challenge I have in the saturated coaching world today.

How do you differentiate? How do you articulate your story?

One of the big things we help our coaching clients create on the front-end is called an “opportunity statement.”

How do you turn your beliefs into money?

Having a Ph.D. and having gone through as much schooling as you could possibly go through, I can say this with confidence. Schooling does a bad job of this. They don’t help you figure out your differential advantage. How to find, package and sell your special. Another way to think of it is what’s your competitive advantage?

How to Package Your Story?

Before you tell people WHAT you do you should share with them WHY you do it.

Marry your beliefs with your story… Don’t suppress the past. Celebrate it.

Here are some self-reflection questions to answer to begin to form your belief statement married with your story.

Your beliefs are shaped by your unique PAST.

List or share stories around the following defining moments in your life:

  • Past Struggles
  • Past Mentors
  • Past Education
  • Past Scripting

Start to list your basic (or professional) beliefs.

I have one very basic belief I live by, “Trained people ALWAYS outperform untrained people.”

Where does this belief come from?

  • My unique past as a college athlete (Unique Experience)
  • Growing up poor and learning how to solve problems for myself (Unique Struggles)
  • VHS recording and studying professional athletes on my own (Unique Experience)
  • Getting a PhD in Human Performance (Unique Education)
  • Having been a professor (Unique Experience)
  • Having written a book about career success at 25 (unique mentors/education)
  • Having studied and worked under THE go-to person at every company (unique mentors)

As you cans see, these are defining moments in my life that are all built around training and coaching. It took me into my 30’s to identify these key experiences and my story.

Which is why it should come as no surprise I’ve spent over a decade as a teacher, trainer, and coach in multiple arenas.

There’s nothing more empowering than knowing WHY you do what you do and that, when there’s thousands of others who do what you do, you have a competitive advantage based on your UNIQUE PAST.

I’m giving you permission to slow-down, self-reflect, and figure out how to turn your beliefs and story into money.

People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. You can’t sell your cookware if you don’t buy your cookware. That comes from YOU!

Your 90-Day Sales Manager – Bruce Lund, PhD

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