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15-Lead Gen Categories to Play on Offense Each Week 

During the first week of the program we helped you establish your 90-Day Sales Plan which consists of (1) a dominant sales focus; (2) weekly benchmarks; (3) weekly behaviors/activities that help you get closer towards your dominant focus.

The thing about training for anything whether fitness or sales is that there’s nothing “sexy” about the daily accountability it takes to achieve our dominant focus. What IS sexy are the results achieved over the process. We take pride in our 13-week process being focused on pure sales TRAINING where we revisit our plan on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Training is nothing more than engaging in a set of systematic processes that allows us to do something tomorrow that we can’t do today. Practicing behaviors, measuring activities, and being accountable to the plan will drastically increase the probability of increased sales assuming we are doing the right habits.

Sales is a Game of Probability

When you study probability, you learn that anything can happen at any time. However, those who are most successful during long-periods of time have a disciplined-focus.

Why do the same teams in sports consistently win year-after-year? When you combine the best coaches with systems, structure, and accountability then the probability of success sky-rockets. They don’t always win, but they best position themselves to win. It’s the same exact process in sales.

The purpose of any business is to “create a customer.” The number one challenge for most salespeople is prospecting. They don’t know where to start. They don’t have a plan. They don’t have systems for measurement.

Let’s look at how we help increase lead generation through consistent sales activities. Every single day we should ask ourselves, “What is the highest use of my time right now to move my ball down the field?” Remember, we call these high value activities in our selling system.

There are two types of high value activities that we should measure weekly.

  1. Income Producing Activities (IPAs): Any activity that generates new business, more leads, or closes more business.
  2. Person of Interest (POIs) Activities: Any activity that helps drive-up your status in the market through your marketing and branding, and connects you to new people.

The challenge most salespeople have is they get caught-up in too many low-value activities that aren’t focused on customer acquisition, current customers, or personal brand awareness in the market.

Sales and Sport

The challenge most salespeople have is they aren’t disciplined enough to track and measure these activities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. That’s why keeping score and having a scoreboard is so important to driving numbers. Set a sales dominant focus number as measured in 30-days cycles. Have your sales manager or an accountability partner who holds challenges you each week to hit your numbers. Stay focused on progress rather than perfection.

What’s great about sports is they also use benchmarks each week that serves as a barometer to measure success. We should all have such systems and accountability.

Weekly Benchmarks Revisited

Here are the weekly sales activities you should be accountable to on a weekly basis. The number one thing salespeople struggle with the most is prospecting. We’ve created a lead generation selling system that puts categories to the types of people and activities you should be doing each and every day.

High Value Activities (HVAs)

Income-Producing Activity

1.     Advocates = 5 per week

2.     Promoters = 5 per week

3.     New Clients = 5 per week

4.     Help List = 10 per week

5.     Fight Club = 15 per week


Person of Influence Activity

1.     Connectors = 3 per week

2.     Climbers = 3 per week

3.     Someday = 3 per week

4.     NEXTPERT = 1 per week

5.     Showcase = 3 per week

6.     Database = 1 per week

7.     Marketing = 15 per week


There are 3-types of showcase events:

  1. Speaking Showcase = Get in front of a captive group (audience) of people and teach them content to show that you’re an expert.
  2. Networking Showcase = Outside sales activities such as happy hours, charity events, leads groups, or hobby meet-ups.
  3. Advocate Showcase = Host an event for your advocates, past clients, and current clients in addition to inviting those on your help list and fight club.

Exercise: At the end of every week go over your IPAs and POIs to track/measure if you hit your benchmarks. At the end of every week PLAN OUT the following week’s high value activities.

Or… come join our 90-Day Sales community where we not only provide the daily content, videos, and workbook exercises but also DAILY accountability through submissions and accountability groups.