Missing Structures in Your Business

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Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure of coaching top producers from all walks of life. First as a career/author speaker to young professions. Next as a business professor in the Texas A&M system. Now as an entrepreneur trainer to producers ranging from one deal to $100+ million-dollars in production.

My “job” as a business coach is to help people find and fill missing structures. Most think they have a lot of “problems” when it comes to their business when in reality they just have a couple tweaks that can make a huge impact. We call this 2.2 millimeters of change. No great plastic surgeon will ever make more than 2.2mm of change on someone, and they’ll never make more than seven changes. For many, there are minor missing structures in their business that, when found and filled, can make a huge difference in their production.

I’ve identified five missing structures of most salespeople. These are true whether you’re a brand-new agent or a mega-producer.

The 5-Missing Structures of MOST Salespeople:

(1) Explanation of Services

Having something to say is just as important as having somebody to say it to. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. You can have all the leads in the world, but if you don’t know how to articulate your value or your differential advantage compared to the market then it’s all for not. A great explanation of services leads with what you believe not what you do. Learn how to be the buyer vs. the seller who attracts business from the very first conversation.

(2) Lead Generation Selling System:

Over 90% of salespeople do not have a consistent, disciplined selling system. What this really means is most salespeople are not proactive but simply reactive. I define a lead generation selling system as a coordinated, calculated attack on the market. We teach over a dozen strategies to help get your phone to ring with qualified leads that you want to do business with.

(3) Follow-Up System

Maybe the least talked about but most important part of the sales process. We define great follow-up as a touch with value that articulates how you solve problems better than anyone else based on your unique past (experiences, mentors, education, struggles) as an agent. Statistics show it takes 7-15 touches to close a deal. Yet most salespeople go one or two weak attempts and say things like, “was just following up with you”, “wanted to see if I could answer any more questions”, “just doing my due diligence”, or “woke up this morning thinking about you.” These are not “touches with value.” We teach a disciplined 10-touch follow-up process.

(4) Unique Customer Experience

Ask most people what makes them different and they’ll use vague phrases such as, “I’m a people person,” or “I’ll work hard for you.” These are differential advantages. These are things I expect as the consumer. If you are trying to secure a million-dollar listing you can bet the seller is going through an intense interview process. Check back in our previous article about how to find, package, and sell your free prize. Not to mention many agents are bad about turning new clients into promoters into advocates who feed their business the 5.7 additional deals or referrals every new deal should be worth. Too many are windshield shoppers who move onto the next instead of leveraging the ones they already have. It’s five times more difficult to get a customer than it is to keep one.

(5) Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ask many agents why they got into the business and they’ll say they like the autonomy and flexibility. The reality is the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are the most disciplined, consistent, and structured. They have a disciplined-focus around daily habits, behaviors, and routines. This probably explains whey close to 10% of agents/teams are doing 90% of the business. In every sales profession, there are amateurs and there are professionals. Entrepreneurs only get paid when they produce results. Too many salespeople think they can get by simply because of their “gift-for-gab” but don’t know how to operate a sustainable, long-term business plan.

What’s Your Missing Structure?

Is there an area from above that could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your business? I believe everybody needs a coach in life, because a great coach will help us find and fill missing structures. They will help us make that 2.2mm of change that will drastically increase positive change in all areas of our lives.