Nobody Told Me About This Part!

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As I continue to speak and travel the country spreading our 90-Day Sales Manager message, I’ve found myself practicing one of Covey’s “5 Emotional Cancers.

Comparing myself to others.

As a small business owner, this is healthy competition and then there’s unhealthy. When you compare yourself to others who have been doing it much longer than you then you’re never going to be satisfied with YOUR OWN growth. Let’s stop doing this.

One of my favorite country music songs is “Showman’s Life” and the lyrics “Nobody told me about this part.” The solopreneur life is amazing. But it can be incredibly humbling and even frustrating at times.

Stay focused on building, maintain, and protecting both your confidence and your WHY of becoming an entrepreneur. I have the pleasure of interviewing a lot of serial entrepreneurs and have been amazed at a common response to entrepreneurship.

“If I would have known how hard it would be, I might not have gotten started in the first place.”

We all have to be a little naïve to make it in this business. Especially early on.

As Steve Jobs famously said, “Stay Hungry. Stay foolish.

You are competing against your own potential every day.