Ep. 28: Sales is a Game of Probability

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Definition of probability?

You don’t need more money. You need more people. 

  • 65% of salespeople don’t have an ACTIVE CRM
  • 95% don’t have a selling system.
  • Stats about database? Every 100 people (Carl White)

Two Questions then:

  1. How do you get more people?
  2. How do you engage with them once you have them? 


How to increase probability? 

  • Dominant focus
    • Goals
    • KPI’s
  • Be accountable to daily activities
    • Selling System
      • Primary 
      • Second
  • Be more attractive
    • Showcase events
    • Database blasts
    • POI on Social Media
  • Weekly accountability calls
    • Monday = Vision Board
    • Friday = Autopsy 


Everybody competes harder when there’s a scoreboard. We all need some level of accountability.

Jab, Jab, Hook

  • Give, Give, Ask