Stop Living in the Frustration Gap

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How are you measuring success?

While I’ve been coaching thousands of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and salespeople over the last decade of my life, I’ve encountered so many people who want success…and they wanted it two weeks ago.

I’m just as guilty as anyone else out there who is a High D, highly-motivated solopreneur. Nothing is ever good enough. I could have worked for 16-hours straight with tons of phone calls and great relationships being built, but I go to bed at night only thinking about what I didn’t get done.

I’ve always found that the benchmark I set for myself will always move up. The minute I get close to my goal, I’ll end up moving the benchmark higher.

This is the frustration gap.

And so many people live in this frustration gap that they’ve gotten themselves into.

What I want to do is help you pivot to a “celebration gap.

This means looking at success in a new way. Here is where I started and here is where I was able to get to. At the end of every day and every week, you should look back and celebrate your success.

You aren’t where you were yesterday, and you’ll be better tomorrow than you were today.

As long as you’re doing the heavy-lifting required, there is no reason you shouldn’t do this.

Remember, progress versus perfection in everything you do.