The BEST of the NEXT

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NEXTPERT Concepts Anniversary

My entire life I’ve always been attracted to successful people, but at age 25 I became almost fanatical in my professional development. I studied dozens of thought leaders, and decided to write a book about the themes and philosophies learned. A couple years later, the book was finally ready for print. And now, five years later, we celebrate the release of NEXTPERT concepts.

I spent Friday night and Saturday morning re-reading my own materials, and was reminded of the timeless principles from the book. I know we live in an ADHD wolrd so I decided to share the big-takeaways below. However, if you are a young professional looking to stand out as the “BEST of the NEXT” generation of career success then this is a must-read.

It’s still humbling to see your own product on Amazon, and to receive messages from those who the book continues to impact. What I love about human DNA is no two people are the same, and no two pasts are identical. We learn anything, from anyone, at anytime if we are open to it. Here are the timeless lessons from the NEXTPERT book.

Two core values of a NEXTPERT:

1. Every day in your current role is an interview for your NEXT role.

2. In order to be a great #1 we must FIRST be a great #2.

Ten core beliefs I was reminded of while reading:

1. We are the sum total of those we hang around most (spend time w/ talent)

2. Success is extremely inconvenient, most won’t do the heavy-lifting required

3. Never apologize for your desire for success or for actually being successful

4. Some will believe in you. Some won’t. But so what. Believe in yourself.

5. Must be willing to sacrifice short-term pleasures for long-term gains.

6. See things as opportunities rather than obligations.

7. You don’t need a title to be a leader.

8. Despite the most saturated, competitive times ever it’s actually easier to stand out through the right resources, mindset, and work ethic.

9. Personality gets our foot in the door. Character is what keeps it there.

10. Learn how to leverage current success (no matter how small) into future opportunity.