Tired of Missing Deals?

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When I don’t get a call back during the follow-up process or I lose a deal it tells me one thing—my status isn’t where it needs to be with the buyer to close the deal. I’m not as attractive in the market, right now, as I need to be. Maybe I didn’t articulate well enough how I can help. I didn’t show enough value on the front-end why my services are a must-have. We’re not the “go-to” expert in our space just yet.

When this happens, I could choose to get frustrated. Or, I can simply ask WHY I didn’t close the deal? Below are some areas we can go to work on.


Here’s how we can elevate our status to attract call-backs and close more deals:

  1. Be the Expert (Knowledge) – Put in the work to study your field every single day. Listen to audios. Read books. Make your car a rolling university. Do the heavy-lifting required to be an expert. Have style, but more importantly, have the substance. There are a lot of posers in today’s saturated and commoditized markets.
  2. Social Consensus (Status Sells) – Build engaged followers who talk you up in the market. It’s the, “I see and hear your name everywhere” concept. Be the glue that holds your circles together by hosting big-time events. Include your biggest Advocates in everything you do. Connect them to new business and they will do the same for you.
  3. Get Proximity to Prosper (Networks) – Get around other like-minded people who are obsessed with success. Get on the inside of where deals are happening. Buy into the NEXTPERT concept of spending time with talent as often as possible.
  4. Sell Your Special (Free Prize) – Know what your “free prize” is to the world. Most people can’t answer this question, because the schooling system doesn’t help us find, package, and sell our special. We all have unique pasts, struggles, experiences, mentors, and education that gives us an unfair advantage if we package and sell it.
  5. Bet on You (Skills/Confidence) – Having support groups are important, but nothing’s more important than you taking ownership of your life. Always bet on and invest in yourself.


These questions are straight from our Entrepreneur Evaluation© where we assess ten ingredients persons of influence have to close more business.

The next time you miss a deal instead of looking outward (getting mad at the person), look inward and ask what could I have done better? Did I not follow-up enough? Did I not explain my differentials? Is my business not as attractive as others in the market? Take ownership of your brand.

“Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn.