Ep. 25: Tough Times Don’t Last. Tough People Do.

Bruce LundBlog, Podcast, Solopreneur Movement

Difficult times by industry?

  • Banking industry is down 70%
  • Real estate having issues with inventory, higher rates, new-builds
  • Financial advisors dealing with volatile markets and inflation
  • Title industry going through layoffs

The “new normal” is that there is no normal. Lately, the world seems to be jumping from one catastrophe to the next within days. And if you watch the news, which is meant to create panic and click bait, then we are always in the midst of something bad. I’m reminded of the expression, tough times never last. Tough people always do. This too shall pass. We all go through bad times. We all experience disappointment, loss, and change. We all feel sad, anxious, and overwhelmed at various times in our lives. Then why do some people persevere and cope in the face of stressful times better than others? One word. Resilience. But it’s easier said than done because when you’re IN IT then it feels like you’re drowning with stress, worry, doubt, doubt, and fear. 

Tips for Building Resilience 

  • Find Acceptance 
      • Accept the situation: Focus on the things within your control. Accept change by looking to your past. Examples when you’ve coped with uncertainty before. Confidence is the memory of success.
      • Accept your feelings: Humans are emotional beings. That’s not a bad thing. Frustration is just misguided enthusiasm. Don’t ignore your feelings, acknowledge them and then re-channel that energy towards activity. 
        • It’s ok to throw a pity party for just a little bit. But then go for a long walk and think through the solutions. 
  • Get Support
      • Reach out to others. Prioritize healthy relationships. Cut out unhealthy relationships. 
  • Take Accountability
      • What are my contributions to this situation? 
      • Get laser focused on the high value tasks.
      • Invest in self-care.
  • Stay motivated 
    • Find the joy in your work (purpose)
    • Celebrate success
    • Affirmations
      • Not if but WHEN
      • On the other side of a breakdown is a breakthrough
    • Gratitude
      • Not yet where I want to be but thank goodness not where I once was.
      • Have all the tools, skills, talents

Tough times in my life?

  • Moving to TN to play baseball and being homesick.
    • Lesson Learned?
      • New support group
      • Focus on mastery of my craft
  • Breakups
    • Lesson Learned?
      • Confidence in self
      • Never give your confidence to another person or allow them to prove your worth
  • Losing Money in Business
    • Lesson Learned?
      • Get back to the basics
      • Don’t focus on the $ but the activities

Use this time to build out scalable systems to maximize on EVERY opportunity. Don’t let any deals slip through the cracks. 

Building resilience can also help you to:

  • Stay focused, flexible, and productive, in both good and bad times.
  • Feel less afraid of new experiences or an uncertain future.
  • Manage and tolerate strong emotions outside your comfort zone, even those you’d rather avoid like anger or despair.
  • Strengthen your relationships and improve your communication skills, especially under pressure.
  • Bolster your self-esteem.
  • Be confident you’ll eventually find a solution to a problem, even when one isn’t immediately apparent.