Ep. 11: What is Your FREE Prize?

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What is your FREE prize? 

  • How can you Package & Sell Your Special
  • What’s Your Personal Tagline (Life Motto)
  • Turn your BELIEFS into Money


  • #1 question we get asked in sales (what do you do for a living)
  • Most people commoditize themselves in the very first 3-5 words
  • That’s because we see that question as an obligation rather than an OPPORTUNITY
  • Gone through as much SCHOOLING as anyone but was never taught how to find, package, and sell my special inside the classroom.

Part I: Find Your Special

  • What do you believe
  • Based on unique PAST
    • Uniquely YOURS
    • Stop comparing yourself to others…
      • Spent my 20s trying to “find” my special and biggest problem was I compared myself to my mentors and disciples (emotional cancer)
      • Personal Story about Burt
      • Personal Story about Larry Kendal, Cardone, Tom Ferry

Part II: Package Your Special

  • Free Prize Intangibles
    • What is a “free prize”
    • What are “intangibles
    • Examples: My Free Prize (STORY)
  • Have to believe you have something incredibly valuable to offer this world
    • It’s not that you aren’t really good, it’s that not enough people know it yet
  • 6-Parts of an Opportunity Statement
    • BONUS: Free Download

Part III: Sell Your Special

  • Course in Confidence
    • Can’t SELL the cookware if you don’t buy the cookware
  • Why is this important?
    • People do business with those they know, like, trust & RESPECT
    • The opposite of boring is interesting
      • New-Age Carnegie and Simon Sinek
      • To sell is human
      • Storytelling dates all the way back to the stone-age


  • Why is this so important?
    • Attract the RIGHT people and repel the WRONG people based on your beliefs
  • Do the heavy-lifting to know what you believe and marry it with your unique STORY