Ep. 22: Everybody Needs a Coach in Life

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Performers who have a coach out-earn those who don’t by 2-3x. A great coach can change your life. They know how to pull the potential out of us and accelerate our growth.

I believe there are 3 things really great coaches do…

1) Make you have conversations you don’t want to have.

2) Make you do things you really don’t want to do.

3) Help you become something you never thought you could become on your own.

I’m so thankful for all the great coaches in my life who saw the good in me when it was easy to see the bad. There’s no telling where I would personally be without the coaches in my life.

Come join today’s Monday accountability call as we help you find and fill the missing structures in your business and help you accelerate your own growth.

Everybody needs a coach in life. Isn’t it time you found yours?

What’s the job of the coach?

  • Provide accountability systems
  • Find and fill missing structures
  • Maximize potential
  • Motivate & Inspire

What’s the role of the player?

  • Take ownership
  • Do the work (no shortcuts)
  • Stay hungry, humble, coachable