Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Merely Tolerated 

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Fresh off speaking at MDRT Edge for North America, which to date is one of my favorite speaking experiences. I’ve been on stages all over the country but this one was just different. So, I asked myself a simple question: why was it different? And the answer came to me immediately…

Because I was “celebrated” before, during, and after the event. I didn’t feel like I had to “convince” the audience I was good enough.

So, naturally, the next question I asked myself was, “how do I get more experiences exactly like this one?”

I assume you’ve had similar conversations with yourself of maybe need to be reminded of this so I want to give you permission today to go where you are celebrated and not merely tolerated. But to also give you tangible ways to do this.


1) What people and things in your business are energy compounding vs. energy-draining?

– Only get so much positive energy

– Can you outsource the things you don’t enjoy or can you “fire” the clients who you don’t enjoy?


2) Who are your favorite clients and how did you land them?

– Confidence is the memory of success.

– Multiply those customers by ATTRACTING them.

– What traits do they possess?

– Instead of playing “down” can you “play up” and get more of the clients you enjoy while simultaneously not competing as a commodity who has to “convince” people you’re good enough.