Sales is a Game of Probability

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Probability in Sales

When you study probability, you learn that anything can happen at any time. However, those who are most successful during long-periods of time have a disciplined focus. Since college football is right around the corner, let’s use them as an example.

The reason the University of Alabama football wins year-after-year is because they consistently have the top recruiting class—combined with one of the best coaches ever who is great at developing that talent. Nick Saban commonly references “the process” every single year. What he’s really saying is he has systems, structures, and standards to hold the entire program accountable to. When you combine all this, the probability of Alabama football being favored to win each week is very high.

Sales is a game of probability. Just like in sports. Teams with the best talent combined with preparation, training, and systems win more often than not. They don’t always win, but they best position themselves to win.

Lead Generation Probability

The purpose of any business is to “create a customer.” The number one challenge sited by new(er) producers is the inability or know-how to self-generate leads.

Let’s look at how we help increase lead generation through consistent sales activities. Every single day we should ask ourselves, “What is the highest use of my time right now to move my ball down the field?” We call these person of influence activities.

Person of Influence (POI) Activities

During our 90-Day Sales Manager™ program we ask participants to do five person of influence activities every single day. 5 per day is 25 per week, 125 per month, and nearly 1,500 activities per year. That’s a lot of progress to be made if measured daily.

The challenge most salespeople have is they get caught-up in too many low-value activities that aren’t focused on customer acquisition, current customers, or personal brand awareness in the market.

3-Types of POI Activities:

  1. High Value Activities (HVAs): There’s a high use of your time and energy and there’s a low use of your time and energy.
  2. Income Producing Activities (IPAs): Any activity that generates new business, more leads, or closes more business.
  3. Person of Interest (POIs) Activities: Any activity that helps drive-up your status in the market through your marketing and branding. 

Sales and Sport

The challenge most salespeople have is they aren’t disciplined enough to track and measure these activities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. That’s why keeping score and having a scoreboard is so important to driving numbers. Set a sales dominant focus number as measured in 30-days cycles. Have your sales manager or an accountability partner who challenges you each week to hit your numbers. Stay focused on progress rather than perfection.

What’s great about sports is they also use benchmarks each week that serves as a barometer to measure success. We should all have such systems and accountability.

Trained Outperform Untrained

We have one very basic belief as a company that, “Trained people consistently outperform untrained people.” The most successful people on this planet are focused on the process—just like Nick Saban. This comes through daily accountability, weekly benchmarks, and monthly evaluations. Most salespeople roll into the day without any real plan of attack.

Next month we will break down the 10-plus categories and strategies from our lead generation selling system that will drastically increase the probability of you hitting your sales dominant focus numbers. Don’t want to wait? Contact me to learn more about the selling system or for specific examples of POI activities.